About Us

1st Stage Studio is the production division of Green Fields Media LLC. We have been working in video and film production since 1980 in Chicago and the suburbs for advertising agencies as well as directly for retail and corporate clients.

Since the late 90’s, production stages have been going by the wayside due to their size and costs. Many jobs have required us to use bad locations that don’t handle the process well. Sound recording has a lot of echo. Lighting was limited to what we could fit. Green screen suffered in the ability to get a good clean head-to-toe shot…The problem mostly seemed to be cost. So, 1st Stage Studio is offering a range of pricing so clients with a small need for studio space can utilize an hourly rate. We also have a lot of value-added amenities that further keep costs down while maintaining a high level of quality, like the fully lit cyc that comes with the stage rental. The rental also includes a green room for makeup and a ton of sound baffles to keep the echo away! We are located in Wauconda, IL., about 35 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. If you need a stage, but don’t have the downtown budget, give us a call and reserve your date for your next project.